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The Nightmare continues by TomA62975 The Nightmare continues :icontoma62975:TomA62975 4 7
Metro 2033 review
So imagine nuclear apocalypse, you imagined Fallout didn't you? Well no, I am talking about Metro 2033. A nuclear reality simulator BECAUSE IT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!
So the game revolves around your character Artyom, whose last name is unknown and he loses a friend of his father and decides he is going to play ranger for a while and takes his revolver and joins a caravan heading towards Riga, after that a lot of stuff happens and he gets to save or destroy the world in essence. Sound like fun? You bet your arse it does
Ok so boring stuff out of the way. The gaming mechanics of this game are simply beautiful. This is hit straight home with the tutorial level, you have a gun, very little ammo, a homemade knife and that is about it. The enemies you fight are rather hard to kill, you are put in a situation where you are unsure if you live or die. Then you go back in time, brilliant, gets you into the thick of the action and pulls you out to get there yourself, very effective technique
:icontoma62975:TomA62975 4 11
Barret Wallace by TomA62975 Barret Wallace :icontoma62975:TomA62975 4 14 Pokemon Trainer Red by TomA62975 Pokemon Trainer Red :icontoma62975:TomA62975 10 11 Me by TomA62975 Me :icontoma62975:TomA62975 1 20 Josh da Unicorn by TomA62975 Josh da Unicorn :icontoma62975:TomA62975 9 29
Pinkie Pie's character review
Pinkie Pie who is revealed as fully named Pinkamena Diane Pie in The Cutie Mark Chronicles is true to her name by being a bright pink pony with a very poofy mane that also happens to also be a slightly darker shade of pink. Her cutie mark is 2 balloons and one yellow balloon which she gained after hosting her first party after seeing Rainbow Dash's first Sonic Rainboom which is a situation shared by all the mane 6.
Pinkie Pie has very erratic behaviour and very rarely stands still, this leads to the impression she eats a lot of the treats she bakes, proven right in the Cutie Pox episode where she confesses to eating a half dozen of Corn Cakes on sale in Sugarcube Corner (that is 6 ladies and gentlemen, in a normal party I only eat like 3 cakes... Including the birthday cake if it is a birthday) and he strange obsessive joy when baking Cupcakes. Leading straight into the fandom's erm, questionable side. But this is about the show's Pinkie Pie and not the fandom's, that comes later. And
:icontoma62975:TomA62975 2 3
??? by TomA62975 ??? :icontoma62975:TomA62975 1 4 Lulz and his GirlFriend. by TomA62975 Lulz and his GirlFriend. :icontoma62975:TomA62975 1 20 How I became a brony. In depth by TomA62975 How I became a brony. In depth :icontoma62975:TomA62975 1 3 The Apple Orchard by TomA62975 The Apple Orchard :icontoma62975:TomA62975 4 0 Sunshine and Celery Swag Cover by TomA62975 Sunshine and Celery Swag Cover :icontoma62975:TomA62975 0 0 Temporal Walker So Far, So Good Mixtape cover by TomA62975 Temporal Walker So Far, So Good Mixtape cover :icontoma62975:TomA62975 1 4 How TwentyTen was formed by TomA62975 How TwentyTen was formed :icontoma62975:TomA62975 93 39 My Wallpaper by TomA62975 My Wallpaper :icontoma62975:TomA62975 3 12 Daring Do by TomA62975 Daring Do :icontoma62975:TomA62975 12 2

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... I come back after a month and find that the only thing to really change is people are STILL bitching about AJent 47 and the Agent 47 pony I did WAY before Absolution came out.

Congratulations. You have officially depressed me. But hey, some good stuff in the comments and shiz which make me want to visit this place more often.

For those who do not follow my Tumblr at Ask-Tomas or my other dA account which if you have missed by now, despite me making a picture about it, filling my bio with the link and making a journal filled with links you are a complete and total idiot... Anyway you will know my computer blue screened and then died. Meaning EVERY file on this account has been destroyed. Permanently. So any edits, reuploads or just general stuff to do with the files can no longer be done. Sorry.

Oh and one last thing. EVERY image in my gallery. With the exception of 1 may be used without gaining my permission first. This is because I do not come back here often enough to grant permissions. IF you feel the need to ask for a permission, I am found at :iconexplainablechaos:, if you wish to use the IBringDaLULZ vector, first you need to ask me. THEN if necessary, you go and ask :iconcitrussqueeze: I did not design the damn thing and do not take any credit for it. However if by chance you got the vector from Lulz himself or another source, and you can tell it is mine from the back legs mostly. CREDIT ME. I put a lot of work into that vector. I would like to be credited for it thank you. Also respect is due to Citrus too.

Ok I think that is everything. Thank you for reading through this.

Have fun.

TL;DR Just go up and read it you lazy c-

Why am I still gaining watchers here and not ExplainableChaos... Will I forever be known as TomA62975?


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My My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Wallpaper Pack has finally been released for all you bronies out there :D
ManymanyMANY thanks to all the artists who gave me permission to use their amazing art in my pack!
The pack itself has over 4800 Wallpapers in it currently :O !
I uploaded the pack via torrents so make sure you have a torrent downloader ^-^
finally here is the link to the pack on my DeviantArt account:
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